Our bio-identical hormone replacement program will evaluate your level of the essential hormones to evaluate the potential benefit of replacement/supplementation. The overall goal is to improve ones quality of life in a safe manner.

The cost of BHRT varies with the number of hormones deficient and method of replacement. In general terms this is best determined after the initial evaluation. Average cost for men and women is $1,200 to $1,800 per year. We like to say, less than a “Starbucks” per day. Lab testing is required for initial evaluation and monitoring. In some cases this may be covered by your insurance plan. We have labs that can perform these tests at a fraction of the costs if you do not choose to use your insurance lab , have a high deductible plan, or do not have insurance.

BHRT is safe and the medical evidence supports their use. As with any treatment there are some risks. These risks are with our minimized with the appropriate screening and monitoring. Hence, why we ask some many questions about your health history and require the lab tests.

In general terms, men and women begin to feel the effects of deficiencies around the age of 45 years old. In some cases it might be younger or older. The lab tests and evaluation will help us determine if treatment would be beneficial.

You can get more information in one of two ways. Call our office at 1-866-551-6779 or email us at You will need to first get lab testing in order to have your initial consultation. Our office can email you the initial paperwork as well in order to improve the experience of your consultation appointment.

Our office does not take insurance and we do not participate with any healthcare plans. In most cases, lab testing is covered while being subject to what ever deductible or co-payment that may apply. Any medications we prescribe will be subject to coverage as outlined in your health plan. We can provide a “super bill “ that can be submitted to insurance for reimbursement consideration. The practice can only provide minimal support with pre/post authorization paperwork for reimbursement purposes.

Yes, most plans cover our services. We have a number of clients who take advantage of this program as it can save as much upwards of 35% as a pre-tax expense. As your employer if they have this plan or option.

The costs for hormone optimization varies with each client.  As a general rule one can expect to pay about $80 – $150 per month or $1,000 – $1,800 per year which is comparable to the typical out of pocket expenses from a traditional practice. We can often order some medications and most lab work through your insurance. We have in-house financing with near 100% acceptance and can provide a “super bill” for submission to a flexible or medical spending account. Most importantly, our clients find our methods easier to live with while getting fantastic results. What is wellness worth?

We have designed our practice to provide personalized service at reasonable prices with a small dedicated team that does not allow for a billing and insurance function. As a result of this decision most clients find that our cost are comparable to the out of pocket expenses when co-pays for office visits and medication are considered.