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How Does Alcohol Affect Weight Loss?

How Does Alcohol Affect Weight Loss?

Alcohol not only can affect you in long-term health risks, as well as plays a role of a barrier in losing weight. Continue reading, if want to know about the health issues caused by alcohol consumption. For more information, please feel free to contact us or request an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you in Chesapeake VA, Alexandria VA, Surf City NC, and Jacksonville NC.

How Does Alcohol Affect Weight Loss?
How Does Alcohol Affect Weight Loss?

Table of Contents:

Does alcohol stop weight loss?
How does the body respond to alcohol?
What are the health benefits of quitting alcohol?
How does alcohol affect weight loss?

Alcohol has been prevalent in almost every culture for thousands of years; it has become one of the most widely used psychoactive substances and is accepted as a normal part of modern society. Due to its ease of access and long history of use, many people tend to overlook the health effects that alcohol has, especially in regard to weight loss. When losing weight, it is important to be mindful of the effects that alcohol has on the body and the ways in which it can negate weight loss efforts.

Does alcohol stop weight loss?

Alcohol affects the body in a variety of ways and can have a significant impact on weight loss. Because alcohol has empty calories (foods or drinks consumed that have little or no nutritional value), its consumption can lead to excess weight gain, especially drinks high in sugar. To make matters worse, alcohol is the first fuel to be used as energy by the body when combined with carbohydrates, proteins, and fats; this postpones the fat-burning process and contributes to greater fat storage. Furthermore, alcohol loosens one’s inhibitions, which can lead to making unhealthy dietary decisions. Coupled with the fact that alcohol increases appetite, this can result in extra body fat gains. Finally, alcohol lowers testosterone, which has a powerful effect on fat loss; testosterone levels are reduced whenever alcohol is consumed, hindering its full potential as a fat burner.

How does the body respond to alcohol?

The body responds to alcohol in many ways, some of which were discussed in the previous question. Another vital effect alcohol has on the body is the way it impacts kidney and liver health; the kidneys and liver can gradually weaken due to the irritation of the stomach lining caused by alcohol. This can lead to serious health problems, including the rate and efficiency at which food is digested, which ultimately interferes with the process of weight loss and the function of a healthy metabolism.

What are the health benefits of quitting alcohol?

Although the consumption of alcohol can have negative health effects on the body—especially in high quantities—many of these deleterious consequences can be ameliorated when it is cut out completely. This is great news for people who are trying to lose weight or improve their overall health, and can benefit them in the following ways:

– Decrease in liver fat (15% average)
– Drop-in blood glucose levels (16% average)
– Decrease in total blood cholesterol (5% average)

After alcohol cessation, people not only exhibit healthier physiology but also experience an increase in psychological performance, including:

– Improved sleep quality
– Increased ability to concentrate
– Better emotional regulation

How does alcohol affect weight loss?

The effects alcohol has on weight loss are numerous; it can significantly hinder weight loss progress in a multitude of ways, including by:

– Providing empty calories
– Being used as a primary source of fuel—before carbohydrates and fats
– Affecting the health of the organs
– Contributing to excess belly fat
– Impeding judgment, especially with food
– Lowering the production of sex hormones
– Negatively affecting sleep
– Negatively impacting digestion and nutrient uptake

For people who are trying to lose weight, cutting back on alcohol—or cutting it out completely—can greatly improve results. It is no secret that alcohol can inhibit efforts to lose weight, but understanding the various ways in which it does this is crucial to making healthy and informed decisions.
Assure Wellness Group can help you achieve your weight loss goals; educating our patients about the effects of alcohol consumption is fundamental to realizing these desires. For more information, please contact us or request an appointment online. We serve patients from Chesapeake VA, Norfolk VA, Portsmouth VA, Alexandria VA, Hybla Valley, Springfield, Jacksonville NC, Half Moon, Piney Green, Surf City NC, Sloop Point, Holly Ridge, and surrounding areas.

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