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Are the Effects of CoolSculpting Permanent? in Chesapeake, VA

Are the Effects of CoolSculpting Permanent?

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Are the Effects of CoolSculpting Permanent?
Are the Effects of CoolSculpting Permanent?

Table of Contents:

Answering the question at hand
Why the results can last as long as you want them to

Thanks to the advent of the cosmetic surgery industry and countless advancements in related pieces of technology today, the opportunities to improve one’s appearance and confidence are more abundant than ever.

As opposed to a few decades ago, people now can easily choose to do what they want with their bodies and have the appearance they’ve always dreamed of. Whether it may be a new nose, less belly fat, or a remedy for disruptive deformities, the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a new, more confident version of yourself.

Amid all the technological and treatment revolutions taking place today, however, the CoolSculpting movement has gained the most traction and acclaim.

Best known for its non-invasive approach and effectiveness for removing stubborn body fat, this treatment relies on techniques that freeze fat away for significant results. Compared to the standard liposuction treatment that requires lengthened downtime periods and minimal effects, this option gets up to a 20 to 25 percent reduction in fat after a single procedure!

While it may be clear that CoolSculpting is beloved and trusted by many for a variety of reasons, however, you may have one particular question in mind: “Are the results permanent?”

Answering the question at hand

As opposed to the speculation of many, the truth about how long the results of a CoolSculpting procedure will last is that they can stay permanently. This is undoubtedly possible as long as the patient correctly maintains them.

Although the results of a procedure are noticeable right after the session, experts often pertain to the period three months after the treatment as a proper time to judge the full results. Once you achieve the total amount of fat loss you sought to accomplish during the start of the treatment process, maintenance must come in so that you can retain the results.

With the help of a healthy and active lifestyle, you can keep the merits of your investment and make sure that the stubborn fat you once struggled to lose stays away!

Why the results can last as long as you want them to

The main reason CoolSculpting results can last long is that the procedure manages to remove fat cells, which is done through cryolipolysis.

By crystalizing the internal structure of stubborn fat, the treatment process manages to terminally injure these cells and remove them by letting the body metabolize and expel them. These results, in turn, become permanent because transferred fat cells cannot regrow and be replaced with new ones as the number of available fat cells in the body becomes fixed.

However, it’s especially vital to note that this treatment must be coupled with a healthy lifestyle because there are still a few fat cells that remain (and must be kept to ensure that your body survives). Maintenance is vital because these remaining fat cells can again expand and bring your body back to pre-procedure shape if you aren’t careful!


If you had any doubts about the longevity that comes with getting a CoolSculpting treatment, then you should take this as a sign because the results are indeed permanent. With the help of a dependable trained healthcare professional and a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can keep the fat off forever and stay in shape all-year-round!

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