CoolSculpting vs Hot Sculpting – Everything You Need to Know in Chesapeake, VA

CoolSculpting vs Hot Sculpting– Everything You Need to Know

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CoolSculpting vs Hot Sculpting– Everything You Need to Know
CoolSculpting vs Hot Sculpting– Everything You Need to Know

You may be doing everything you can to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes the consumption of a healthy diet and regular routines of exercise. Despite such efforts, certain areas of your body may end up not improving at all — and it can be incredibly frustrating and difficult!

These are stubborn areas of fat, which mostly accumulates in the abdomen, hips, thighs, and even lower back. Luckily, such area problems can be treated with innovative treatments, which target these tenacious fat deposits. Here, we take a look at the two most popular forms of treatment, as well as an overview of their results.

CoolSculpting Vs Hot Sculpting: An Overview


This procedure is noninvasive, meaning that there will be no use of needles, anesthetic, or any other form of surgery. Your skin remains intact, as the procedure is done using a hand-held vacuum device that pulls the fat under the skin. CoolSculpting targets small areas of the body where fat deposits have been frozen, such as the hips and lower back.

Hot Sculpting

Quite different from CoolSculpting, this procedure uses the process of thermolipolysis, where heat is used to target fat deposits. It’s regarded as minimally invasive, as it does not require the use of any anesthetic or the need for any downtime. Instead of a wand, this method uses a laser to target fats in wider areas. It allows patients to receive more prominent results, as it also helps prevent the skin from sagging after the fat has been melted away.

Which one is right for you?

Both procedures are relatively short and require no downtimes, but the hot sculpting has been designed to target more than one area during treatment, as opposed to CoolSculpting. If you’re looking to have several places sculpted at once, hot sculpting may be the best option.

If comfort is taken into consideration, many clients report that the wand device used on CoolSculpting can cause bruising, as the methods require pinching the skin. It also requires a vigorous massage after the treatment, and small areas can be hard to target. Hot sculpting, on the other hand, provides a greater degree of accuracy and body contouring.

What can you expect after these treatments?

Although vastly different, both main goals of both treatments is to get rid of your body’s stubborn fat deposits. Here’s a rundown of everything else you need to know:

Quick and easy treatment: Both procedures are quick and easy, as they only require anywhere from 25 minutes to an hour. You can easily go through an appointment during lunch hour!
No anesthesia and downtime: These procedures don’t require anesthesia or downtime, so you can fall back into your routines with no repercussions.
Curated session planning: You will be given the liberty to plan your sessions, which could be anywhere from two to four sessions overall. However, this will depend entirely on your chosen treatment, as with the areas you wish to cover.
Long waiting game: The waiting time will be the hardest part—it takes about 12 to 16 weeks before you see results because your body will need to process and dispose of the fat.
No pain: Being noninvasive, the procedures will leave you with little to no pain!
After effects: After treatments, you will be experiencing redness, bruising, tenderness, and even some swelling for a few days—this is perfectly normal!

The Bottom Line

Both CoolSculpting and hot sculpting pose their benefits and drawbacks, so the choice will be entirely up to you. Use this guide as you ponder on your choices to ensure that you arrive at a well-informed decision! As long as you finally get the body of your dreams, the investment will be well worth it!

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