Getting in Shape – Understanding Medical Weight Loss Programs in Chesapeake, VA

Getting in Shape – Understanding Medical Weight Loss Programs

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Getting in Shape – Understanding Medical Weight Loss Programs
Getting in Shape – Understanding Medical Weight Loss Programs

Losing weight can be one of the most challenging tasks for people, especially to those who are already at the later stage in their lives. Although there have been many types of fitness routines and diets developed over the past decades to help counter such instances, the difficulty of following a program can be taxing for most people.

Thankfully, medical weight loss programs have become a popular trend in recent years. It’s the combination of proactive nutrition, fitness, and healthy behaviors to help patients cut back on their extra weight under the guidance of a trained physician. This new trend proves to be a weight loss solution with a high success rate.

What’s different with medical weight loss programs?

Traditional weight loss routines usually separate the fitness and diet aspect. You’re usually left to your own devices in pairing your workout routine with an advised diet of your choice. Unfortunately, sometimes the person’s diet isn’t compatible with the strenuous physical activities that their bodies endure, leading to ineffective results. This is essentially why medical weight loss programs are handled by wellness centers to provide clients with much-needed support in their goal to lead a healthier lifestyle.

How do medical weight loss programs work?

Numerous medical weight loss programs are being developed across the US and even in other countries. For example, the Pritikin Diet is a scientifically proven weight loss program that prioritizes proper nutrition management by promoting the consumption of particular food groups. Although meals prepared for the client are low in refined grains and sugars, it uses lots of whole and fiber-rich foods.

Although medical weight loss companies may specialize in specific methodologies, the core of these individual modules is rooted in creating a principal lifestyle change. A distinct quality of all programs promotes the use of proactive management techniques for nutrition management, fitness routines, and the development of healthy habits. These routines are then managed by a trained physician who monitors the physiological result through metabolic testing and medical diagnostics to change and adjust the program depending on the client’s figures.

What’s it like to be in a medical weight loss program?

Clients who undergo this type of treatment describe their experience as being guided through a structured program. This is because the presence of trained physicians helps them stay fit without the hassle of doing it by themselves. All the necessary aspects of losing weight, such as strength building, cardiovascular conditioning, and flexibility training are, utilized not only to help in burning calories but also in developing the body’s core building blocks.

Different exercise regimens allow clients to experience several health benefits that are based on metabolic changes to the body. The assistance of medical professionals who can also design diets for nutritional management prevents people from going through the steep learning curve of counting calories and allocating the necessary food groups in their meals.


Although there are many types of programs to choose from, you should remember that each one will affect each person differently. Similar to how your body’s genetic makeup is unique from another, it will also have a unique response to whatever medical weight loss program that you’ll choose to enroll in. The key to receiving the best results from your treatment is finding one that fits your preferences and learning curve in helping you reach your fitness goals.

At Assure Wellness Group, we provide a wide range of patient-centered services, such as medical weight loss programs, hormone replacement therapy, and cool sculpting, among others. Get in touch with us today and let our experienced medical professionals help you in developing the best version of yourself!

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