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Health Education Blogs at Assure Wellness Group

Health Education Blogs at Assure Wellness Group

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How to Prepare Yourself for a CoolSculpting Procedure

People in search of a way to look their best can consider undergoing CoolSculpting, a non-invasive medical procedure that eliminates stubborn fat. As effective as it may be, it should not be […]

Getting Rid of Stubborn Fat: What to Know About CoolSculpting

Millions of men and women struggle with getting rid of stubborn fat in certain problem areas like the belly, love handles, upper arms, and thighs, among others. These little bulges are difficult […]

Debunking 3 CoolSculpting Myths

Many people are striving to get back on track with their fitness goals, but the new year can easily beat down people’s determination when eating right and working out fail to show immediate […]

First Time to Try CoolSculpting? Here’s What You Should Know

CoolSculpting is a popular non-invasive treatment for people who want to reduce fat in their bodies. Of all the body contouring methods available in the market, this procedure is well-known for […]

3 Best Ways to Maximize Your CoolSculpting Results – Our Guide

Many professionals nowadays dream of getting a toned physique. However, losing excess weight and getting rid of fat bulges require undergoing healthy lifestyle changes. Additionally, […]

4 Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your CoolSculpting Results – Our Guide

Dealing with fat that persists even with a healthy diet and regular exercise can be frustrating. Fortunately, you can target unwanted bulges and attain a more sculpted body by undergoing […]

Possible Signs of Hormonal Imbalance to Watch Out for

One of the most potent chemical messengers in our bodies are hormones. This tells your body not only what to do, but when. This is why when the hormones go out of balance, there is a possibility […]

What Are the Common Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a sexual dysfunction in men characterized by the inability to get or maintain an erection. It can happen to any man after he hits puberty, but it is more common among men […]

Freeze Away These 5 Untrue CoolSculpting Myths

Beauty-conscious individuals love a chiseled figure. As the holiday season looms ahead, you’ll be hard-pressed to decline a delectable seasonal snack. While you can work off the weight via a […]

Treating Erectile Dysfunction Through Shockwave Therapy

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a typical diagnosis among men who are going past their 50s. It’s a condition that patients shouldn’t take lightly with the risk of deteriorating healthy penile […]

All About CoolSculpting®: Is It Safe?

Many people have a love/hate relationship with fat. More people are engaging in body-positive conversations and embrace their flabs, but most strive for a beach-ready body. In between diet fads […]

5 Reasons to Undergo Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

While growing up has always been full of twists and turns, growing older is another journey in itself. While you won’t experience the rapid changes frequently associated with adolescence, there […]

Understanding The Process Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

People who have hormone-related issues can rely on hormone replacement therapy or HRT to help them achieve quick relief from the symptoms of their medical condition. However, what is HRT exactly? […]

CoolSculpting: How Does It Work and Where Does the Fat Go?

If you’ve been hoping to shed some stubborn pockets of fat all over your body that won’t go away even with rigorous dieting and exercise, you’ll want to consider CoolSculpting. Since its […]

3 Ways to Manage Your Menopause While Working

Like most female concerns, menopause is a topic rarely opened in the workplace. Despite the fact that half of the world’s population is biologically inclined to go through the transition, many […]

Our Guide to Help You Recover From Your Coolsculpting Treatment

Every person has different methods they follow for losing weight and toning their bodies. For some, going to the gym and following a strict diet program helps them achieve the body they desire. […]

Our Guide to Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

The body undergoes numerous changes as we age, which can often be unpredictable. These changes are especially true for many women who lose plenty of hormones while going through menopause. Such […]

CoolSculpting for Weight Loss: How Effective and Safe Is It?

CoolSculpting is the number one choice of many people looking for a safe and non-invasive way to eliminate unwanted fat in their bodies. It is considered a less intense version of liposuction, as […]

CoolSculpting: What It Is and Other Important Considerations

Following a strict diet and regularly exercising are some of the things people do to lose weight. However, it can get frustrating if you dedicate too much time and effort yet see few visible […]

What You Need to Know About the CoolSculpting Treatment

Have you ever found stubborn fat in your body that you can’t remove, even if you exercise and diet? If you have, you may benefit from the results of CoolSculpting that have been shown to help […]

5 Things You Should Know About CoolSculpting Treatments

Your appearance is one of the first things that form others’ opinion about you. Because of this, many people spend thousands of dollars on maintaining or improving their appearance. One way […]

What Can CoolSculpting Do For My Body?

Achieving that look can be incredibly frustrating. Although you see a drop on the weighing scale, the same mass remains on the places you’ve worked hard on. Your thighs remain the same, as with […]

What You Should Do to Maximize Your CoolSculpting Treatment

One of the most annoying things is stubborn excess fat found in different areas of your body. Sometimes, no matter how disciplined you are with your exercise and diet, these body fat just […]

How Non-Surgical Body Sculpting Treatments Work

If you’ve been exercising, dieting, and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle for a while now, then you know how hard it is to lose weight. For people who still can’t manage to get rid […]

All You Need to Know about Andropause

It’s a common experience not to feel like yourself as you move into your golden years. Your energy, perception of yourself, and libido can all seem different. You’re not alone in feeling like […]

First Timer’s Guide to a Great CoolScupting Experience

If you’re thinking of undergoing a procedure to help reduce fat and improve your body shape, consider CoolSculpting. It’s a non-invasive method that aims to freeze your cells, helping […]

Are the Effects of CoolSculpting Permanent?

Thanks to the advent of the cosmetic surgery industry and countless advancements in related pieces of technology today, the opportunities to improve one’s appearance and confidence are more […]

Everything You Need to Know about Hormone Replacement Therapy

As you go through menopause, your body experiences changes due to the sudden decrease in the production of your hormones, typically progesterone or progestin and estrogen. Because of this, you […]

A Guide to Undergoing CoolScuplting Before your Wedding

Planning a wedding involves a lot of things—booking a venue, deciding on a guest list, preparing invitations, completing your entourage, and choosing the catering and cake. Aside from that, […]

Getting in Shape – Understanding Medical Weight Loss Programs

Losing weight can be one of the most challenging tasks for people, especially to those who are already at the later stage in their lives. Although there have been many types of fitness […]

4 Benefits of Estrogen Therapy for You

Women share the common pain of managing menstruation every month with an onslaught of classic, PMS symptoms like cramping, bloating, food cravings, and mood shifts. Inching closer to your […]

Before Getting CoolScuplting – Read This

Regular exercise and a healthy, balanced diet are the keys to attaining the slim, toned body that you’ve been dreaming of. However, achieving your ideal weight can be challenging. The good news […]

Platelet Rich Plasma – It’s Role in Resolving Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is one of the biggest problems in a male’s sexual health. Classified as the condition under which a person can not get nor maintain an erection to have sex, its effect […]

How to Know if Hormone Replacement Therapy is a Good Option for You

Over the age of 35, both men and women may experience hormone deficiency. This can manifest as low energy, trouble sleeping, difficulties in losing weight, and lack of motivation to exercise. All […]

Why Customized Weight Loss Plans Are Worth Investing In

Nowadays, the health scene has grown quite large in terms of all the trending topics, concepts, professionals, and enthusiasts that comprise it. Coming a long way from its […]

The Truth about Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

If you constantly feel off-center, tired, and unable to lose weight, one potential culprit is slowing hormone production rates. Hormones, which are signaling molecules, act as the body’s […]

3 Tips Before Undergoing a CoolSculpting Treatment

Weight loss is a major part of many health and fitness goals of people all around the world. There are many ways to attain one’s weight loss goals, whether it’s through a strict diet regimen, […]

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy and What are its Benefits?

There comes the point where you may feel different – be it a lack of mood that lasts for months, trouble sleeping, lack of energy, to weight gain despite your efforts in maintaining a […]

CoolSculpting vs Hot Sculpting – Everything You Need to Know

You may be doing everything you can to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes the consumption of a healthy diet and regular routines of exercise. Despite such efforts, certain areas of your […]

4 Ways to Get the Best CoolScuplting Results

CoolSculpting is a cosmetic procedure, well known for being noninvasive. It removes abdominal fat through freezing and killing fat cells. After sessions, the body processes and eliminates the […]

Low Testosterone And Weight Gain: 12 Ways Your Body Changes As You Age

Getting older may mean you become wiser, but what about your physical health? As our bodies age, a variety of changes take place that we may not enjoy. Low testosterone and weight gain are two […]

Put Your Health First: 10 Wonderful Benefits of Medical Weight Loss Plans

Research shows that around half of Americans are actively trying to lose weight. Do you fall into this category? If so, it’s likely that you’ve tried every trick in the book. From […]

Know the Results: What to Expect After Coolsculpting Treatment

You’ve tried dieting and exercise and still can’t shake your unwanted bulges. You’ve gone to the gym, tried every diet in the book, but can’t seem to burn it off. […]

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy: Benefits, Risks, and Side Effects

Hormones are the body’s regulators. They regulate through their unique ability to communicate with all the cells in your body. People have 50 chemical communication messengers produced by […]

Get the Waist You Want: The Top Benefits of Coolsculpting

In our quest to get a tighter waistline, we’ve tried everything under the sun. From pills and potions to diets and shakes, it seems there is an infinite number of ways to get rid of excess […]

Ease the Effects of Menopause: A Guide to Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

1.3 million women in America become menopausal every year. This isn’t surprising in itself. After all, menopause is a natural phenomenon that all women will experience at some point in […]

Why “American Sniper” is a Cautionary Tale About Imbalanced Hormones

What is PTSD? Many medical experts feel Post Traumatic Stress Disorder has been around for hundreds of thousands of years. Evolution, which encourages the “survival of the fittest,” has ensured […]

Here’s What Guys Don’t Understand About Sex– In black and white and Fifty Shades of Grey

In spite of the billions of dollars spent on candy, cards, flowers and more elaborate Valentine’s gifts, most guys can’t seem to solve the conundrum of what women really want from sex. It’s not […]

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