Difference Between HotSculpting and CoolSculpting®

Difference Between HotSculpting and CoolSculpting®

If you are looking for a non-invasive procedure to get rid of body fat then contact Assure Wellness Group, we offer coolsculpting and our professionals are experienced in this procedure. To know the difference between coolsculpting and hot sculpting please read below. For more information, please call us or request an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you in Chesapeake VA, Glen Allen VA, Alexandria VA, and Jacksonville NC.

HotSculpting and CoolSculpting® Near Me in Chesapeake VA, Glen Allen VA, Alexandria VA, and Jacksonville NC.
HotSculpting and CoolSculpting® Near Me in Chesapeake VA, Glen Allen VA, Alexandria VA, and Jacksonville NC.

What is the difference between HotSculpting and CoolSculpting®?

If you are considering a non-invasive body contouring procedure to help you get rid of stubborn fat, you are likely looking for the treatment option that best suits your needs and goals. CoolSculpting® and HotSculpting are two of the most common procedures for eliminating unwanted fat and transforming common trouble spots, and because they are both non-invasive this can all be achieved without the need for incisions or anesthesia and neither involve downtime for the patient following treatment.

Although both procedures destroy fat cells and re-contour certain troublesome areas of the body, there are differences – most notably that one uses heat and the other uses cold.

During a CoolSculpting® procedure, a curved applicator draws fatty tissue in between two cooling plates and patients may feel a tugging or pulling sensation and then an obvious cooling of the tissue. Each CoolSculpting® session can last between 35 to 60 minutes, depending on the area being treated, and following treatment the patient is free to resume their day. The frozen fat cells are broken down and cleared away through the body’s natural detoxification channels.

HotSculpting – otherwise known as SculpSure – is another non-invasive body contouring treatment, but this time the procedure uses hyperthermic lasers to eliminate the unwanted fat and tighten skin. During a HotSculpting treatment, a special applicator with four paddles is held to the area to be treated – abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, or chin – in order to selectively heat and destroy subcutaneous fat cells. The warming sensation is coupled with a cooling effect to help the patient feel comfortable and maintain safety. As with CoolSculpting®, the destroyed fat cells are naturally eliminated from the body during the coming weeks and months via the lymphatic system, and patients will start to see visible slimming and toning effects after around four weeks or so. Each HotSculpting treatment takes 25 minutes, and patients are able to return to their normal daily activities immediately afterwards.

Which Is Better, Coolsculpting® Or HotSculpting?

When considering non-invasive body contouring options a natural question would be: “which one is best – hot or cold?” CoolSculpting® and HotSculpting treatments are both non-invasive and both destroy the fat cells beneath the surface of the skin; they are both also cleared by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and recognized as safer alternatives to liposuction.

HotSculpting has a shorter treatment time and uses four applicators to simultaneously target multiple areas of unwanted fat, whereas CoolSculpting® employs a single applicator to target one concentrated pocket of fat. The pulling, tugging, numbness, and bruising that are commonly associated with a CoolSculpting® treatment are avoided with HotSculpting, making the experience more comfortable for the patient.

HotSculpting is a more versatile option as it is not subject to the restrictions of small “pinchable” areas of fat as with CoolSculpting®. Significant improvement can be seen after one treatment of HotSculpting, and although the end result might be the same with CoolSculpting®, patients will need at least two to three treatments, and the sessions are longer.

Ultimately it will be up to the patient to decide which option will best suit their needs and personal goals and which will be the most cost-effective for them.

At Assure Wellness Group we are pleased to provide CoolSculpting® procedures to those of our patients who are wanting to rid themselves of those stubborn love handles or other troublesome areas. We also offer a wide range of other services such as medical weight loss, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, treatment for sexual health issues such as erectile dysfunction or sexually transmitted diseases.

Do you offer HotSculpting and CoolSculpting® at your Clinic?

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