Understanding The Process Of Hormone Replacement Therapy in Chesapeake, VA

Understanding The Process Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Understanding The Process Of Hormone Replacement Therapy
Understanding The Process Of Hormone Replacement Therapy

People who have hormone-related issues can rely on hormone replacement therapy or HRT to help them achieve quick relief from the symptoms of their medical condition. However, what is HRT exactly? And how does it work?

In this article, we will provide you with the answers you need to make a more well-informed decision about this type of therapy and what it can do for you.

What Is HRT?

Hormone replacement therapy is widely recognized to be the best type of treatment for people who have hormone-related conditions. Hormone-related illnesses can have serious physical and emotional effects on people. These conditions can take a toll on how a person functions day-to-day and even affect their long-term health.

Women who have just gone into menopause will likely have a hormonal imbalance. Menopausal women will have an imbalance of testosterone in their bodies, and HRT may be used to balance the hormones again.

Hormone replacement therapy is safe, and its effects can last a lifetime, especially if the patient receives treatment from an HRT specialist. People who undergo HRT will usually be able to overcome their illnesses and regain the much-craved normalcy in their lives.

How Long Does HRT Usually Take To Work?

There is no definite time frame that relates to how long HRT will take effect on a person. Some patients who receive HRT report feeling a positive change in their health after only a few days. However, others say it took months for them to feel better. Each person may react differently to HRT. One person’s healing experience may not necessarily be the same as the experience of another.

Most of the time, people are unable to report a feeling of sudden relief from their symptoms. HRT is meant to take effect over a long period. There is no exact length of time that dictates when a person should feel better after therapy. The good news is that most patients report feeling a long-term change in their state of physical health once their hormones return to a healthy balance.

Understanding The Healing Process

Most people who undergo HRT will go through the healing process in three distinct phases. Here is a rundown of these phases.


Just as with the treatment and recovery process of any medical condition, the first step is to undergo tests and get a formal diagnosis of your hormonal state. After you are diagnosed, you will experience the initial stage of your treatment. It is normal for you to want to feel the effects of the HRT right away, but it will take time before you experience its long-term benefits.


HRT may take up to three months before any of the effects are realized. A person who is undergoing HRT may expect to feel side-effects, such as bloating, breast tenderness, irritability and increased aggression. As the treatment process progresses, these adverse effects may get less severe.


The most important and longest part of the treatment process is self-care. At this stage, the person is expected to perform other auxiliary activities to boost their overall health. Their doctors and HRT specialists will advise them of the best possible actions that will fit well with their lifestyles. HRT should also include holistic activities that support good health.

Are You About To Undergo HRT?

If your doctor has recommended hormone replacement therapy as a treatment method for your medical condition, it is a good idea for you to ask any questions you may have about the treatment. The doctor or HRT specialist will be glad to put your mind at ease about having the treatment done.

Assure Wellness Group offers patient-centered wellness practices that focus on bio-identical hormone optimization, health coaching, and hormone replacement therapy in Chesapeake, VA. Our Chesapeake location caters to our patients who wish to receive HRT. Please book your appointment with us today!

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