The Truth about Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men in Chesapeake, VA

The Truth about Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

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The Truth about Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men
The Truth about Hormone Replacement Therapy for Men

If you constantly feel off-center, tired, and unable to lose weight, one potential culprit is slowing hormone production rates. Hormones, which are signaling molecules, act as the body’s messengers. They travel to different organs and regulate their processes.

When people age, it becomes harder for their bodies to produce hormones—production is at its highest in 20-year-olds and decreases with age. Those with reduced hormone levels run the risk of contracting health problems like cardiovascular disease and diabetes, among others.

Moreover, women who are experiencing menopause are said to be even more prone to age-related chronic illnesses like osteoporosis and dementia. Health professionals have always recommended hormone therapy as a treatment for these side effects, but these kinds of therapy have their downsides. Hormone replacement does not prevent heart disease in women, and some have said it might even contribute to one’s risk levels for cardiovascular illness.

Hormone replacement in men

In contrast, however, hormone replacement therapy has shown to be a promising treatment for men. In a study by the Center for Diabetes and Endocrinology of the Barnsley NHS Hospital, researchers found that this treatment improved the health of men with type 2 diabetes. It helped them make their insulin resistance and glycemic control better. With the proper regulation of insulin and glycemic response, participants were able to reach normal blood sugar levels.

Other health benefits of hormone replacement for men include better management of the body’s response to various types of cholesterol. Hormone therapy helps reduce the overall cholesterol levels in a person’s body, especially its LDL or Low-Density Lipoprotein levels. LDL is the cholesterol found in the plaque on artery walls and is associated with heart disease.

Instead, the treatment promotes HDL or High-Density Lipoprotein cholesterol. This flushes excess fat to the liver, where it is used up as a source of energy. HDL cholesterol also prevents plaque buildup on the walls of arteries.

Helps prevent visceral obesity

Yet another way that hormone therapy regulates fat is by reducing triglyceride levels in the blood. Excessive triglycerides may lead to heart disease since they are associated with metabolic syndrome. These regulatory functions combine to reduce a person’s body mass index and waist circumference. It also keeps them away from becoming morbidly obese.

A lower BMI and a smaller waist do not just mean a slimmer physique. Excess weight, as in a ‘potbelly’ around the stomach, can lead to the accumulation of fat around the liver and pancreas. With hormone therapy and moderate physical activity, men can prevent far from accumulating around their midsection, and keep themselves away from conditions like fatty liver or acute pancreatitis—conditions that could lead to organ failure.


The health benefits from using hormone replacement therapy have been seen in men aged 35 to 70, which shows that it is just as effective in men who are just beginning to experience the reduction of their testosterone levels. It should be noted that this kind of therapy has been linked to a slightly greater risk of prostate problems. With monitoring and proper administration, however, this therapy provides a range of benefits for men who wish to stay healthy and active.

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