3 Tips Before Undergoing a CoolSculpting Treatment in Chesapeake, VA

3 Tips Before Undergoing a Coolsculpting Treatment in Chesapeake, VA

Read this blog before undergoing a coolsculpting procedure. For more information, please feel free to call us or schedule an appointment online.

3 Tips Before Undergoing a Coolsculpting Treatment in Chesapeake, VA
3 Tips Before Undergoing a Coolsculpting Treatment in Chesapeake, VA

Weight loss is a major part of many health and fitness goals of people all around the world. There are many ways to attain one’s weight loss goals, whether it’s through a strict diet regimen, intense workout plans, or even treatments developed by fitness doctors all around the world.

Many people who either don’t have enough time or need to lose copious amounts of weight immediately turn towards liposuction as an immediate solution. While this is effective for most, it can either be too expensive or too invasive for one’s taste, which is why the development of more non-invasive treatments is a delight for the majority of people.

Coolsculpting: The Non-Invasive Approach To Weight-Loss Treatments

CoolSculpting is the non-invasive alternative to weight-loss treatments and is currently becoming one of the most popular options for losing weight in general. It involves the utilization of controlled cooling to “freeze off” unwanted and stubborn fats around your belly, love handles, upper arms, thighs, and chin without the need for excessive dieting or exercise.

Before Taking a Coolsculpting Treatment

Numerous health and fitness centers are beginning to add CoolSculpting procedures into their additional services—so finding a provider shouldn’t be too difficult. Before you proceed with getting one, however, some preparations should be made to ease the process further.

Here are three tips to remember before undergoing a CoolSculpting treatment.

Set your expectations

One of the most important things to do before going into any weight-loss treatment or procedure is to set expectations. While CoolSculpting seems like a miracle procedure that can transform your body into that of a Greek God’s, the truth is that there is a lot of considerations to factor in prior to going into it.

Not all people can be viable for a procedure; there are certain weight factors that must be considered to be a candidate. Extremely overweight candidates may not be able to undergo CoolSculpting as the machine can only fit a certain amount of fat at a time. Likewise, those without enough pliable fat can’t enjoy the benefits either, as the machine needs something to suck into the CoolSculpting apparatus.

Consult with a specialist

While this may be a bit obvious, you should speak to an authorized specialist before proceeding with your CoolSculpting treatment. Aside from figuring out whether you’re viable for it, the important part is to set a goal with your doctor. This won’t only determine the intensity of what will be worked on, but it will also help give a scope of how many treatments you’ll have to undergo.

Be patient

As stated, CoolSculpting isn’t a miracle treatment—the results, while effective, may not be entirely evident from the onset. It may take up to two to four months before the treatment’s results will be readily seen. In addition to that, this won’t be the perfect substitute for a poor diet and a lack of exercise—you can still gain back the fat you would lose through this treatment by sticking to bad habits.


If you’re considering a non-invasive treatment to shed some of the more stubborn fat in your body, then CoolSculpting may be the one for you. While it may prove effective for a majority, it still pays to have some expectations set prior to your treatment, which is why consulting a specialist is highly advised.

Are you ready to discuss the CoolSculpting alternative to weight loss treatments with a licensed specialist? At Assure Wellness, we provide various medical weight loss solutions for all body types and lifestyles. Get in touch with us today and have one of our doctors help you reach your weight loss goals.

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