In spite of the billions of dollars spent on candy, cards, flowers and more elaborate Valentine’s gifts, most guys can’t seem to solve the conundrum of what women really want from sex. It’s not for lack of trying. Men are very trying. Just ask any woman!
As a public service during this annual celebration of everything lovey-dovey – Valentine’s Day – the hormone replacement therapy experts at BioTE® Medical offer some answers to the questions which have plauged men about women since Eve feigned that first “I’m just not that interested” headache and called it a night. To state the obvious: men and women are different in their concepts of what makes for a satisfying physical relationship. In order to ameliorate this conflict, sensitivity combined with medical science should be employed.

Conflict Between Couple

As the hilarious one-man play “Defending the Caveman” points out, most men are highly-focused, goal-oriented individuals. They don’t just “go shopping.” They hunt down a shirt at a specific store and drag it back to the house. This tendency continues with their sexual relations. For most men, the physical act of intercourse is the goal and it must be met as quickly and efficiently as possible! In contrast, most women love the process of living life, including sexual relations. For many women, the intimacy surrounding sex is as important as the act itself. Flirting, sensuous surroundings and uninhibited affection are all part and parcel to a satisfying sexual relationship.
There is, however, some good news in this difference of opinion. When hormones are balanced, the needs of both men and women can be met…in spectacular fashion. For some great examples of this, click here to read the BioTE® Medical Sex Survey conducted among patients who have opted for this simple procedure.