CoolSculpting: What It Is and Other Important Considerations in Chesapeake, VA

CoolSculpting: What It Is and Other Important Considerations

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CoolSculpting: What It Is and Other Important Considerations
CoolSculpting: What It Is and Other Important Considerations

Following a strict diet and regularly exercising are some of the things people do to lose weight. However, it can get frustrating if you dedicate too much time and effort yet see few visible results. Unfortunately, no matter how some might change and improve their lifestyle, they might still have unwanted fat around their bellies, arms, thighs, and love handles. In such cases, a different kind of help is required to tackle these problem areas successfully,

CoolSculpting is the procedure where a technician freezes your fat cells. This process will destroy these cells, allowing your body to flush them out. CoolSculpting is an FDA-approved procedure that is a non-invasive alternative to liposuction. It is a successful procedure in that it reduces around 20 to 25 percent of your body fat in specific areas.

If you are interested in this procedure, here are some things you need to know:

What Body Parts Can You CoolSculpt?

CoolScupting is the best alternative to target your stubborn body fat and sculpt attractive contours on the following body parts:

  • Chin
  • Upper back
  • Bra-line
  • Cami fat or the area where the arm meets the chest
  • Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Flanks or the side of the body between the rib cage and the iliac bone of the hip
  • Banana roll or the area under the buttocks crease
  • Muffin top or the body fat that extends horizontally over the edges of the waistline of tight pants or skirts
  • Waist
  • Love handles
  • Things (Inner and Outer)
  • Some Critical Factors to Consider

Before proceeding with CoolScupting, here are some facts you need to know:

The result is based on the person’s weight

People considered overweight will not see drastic results from the procedure. Your current weight should be within 30 pounds of your ideal weight for you to see sculpted results. You must know that CoolSculpting will help your body get rid of some fat, but it is not the best treatment if you want to lose a lot of weight.

Typically, people lose up to 25 percent of their unwanted fat from CoolSculpting, but they need to schedule multiple treatments to achieve it. Apart from the procedure, they also need to adjust their lifestyle.

If you want to lose weight through this method, speak to your doctor so you can work together and devise a plan that will help you reach your ideal weight.

One’s lifestyle will also affect the result of the procedure

Most people who have already started a healthy lifestyle by eating healthily and performing regular exercise experience the best CoolScupting results. Sticking to this lifestyle after the procedure will guarantee that you keep the fat from returning.

You need to be generally healthy

CoolScuplting is not surgery, but a healthy body is still a requirement for this procedure to be a success. A healthy body means less risk and less recovery time. Just like any other procedure, it often results in some side effects, such as nerve pain and bruising.

If you are healthy, you are less likely to experience these side effects. Before undergoing the procedure, do not forget to inform your CoolSculpting practitioner about any chronic conditions or other health-related concerns.


People have different body shapes and sizes. Sometimes, a person may have a healthy weight but still have fat deposits in specific body parts. If you have tried all the diets, activities, and exercises you can, but you still have fat you are trying to get rid of, you may need to resort to other means. CoolSculpting is the ideal solution to achieve your body goal. It will permanently remove your fat without the need to go under the knife for surgery.

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