4 Benefits of Estrogen Therapy for You in Chesapeake, VA

4 Benefits of Estrogen Therapy for You in Chesapeake, VA

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4 Benefits of Estrogen Therapy for You in Chesapeake, VA
4 Benefits of Estrogen Therapy for You in Chesapeake, VA

Women share the common pain of managing menstruation every month with an onslaught of classic, PMS symptoms like cramping, bloating, food cravings, and mood shifts. Inching closer to your menopause years may sound like a relief for mature ladies who are beyond their 50s, but some find themselves struggling with menopause-like symptoms years too early.

While it’s possible for menopause to hit early, it’s likely you’re experiencing the transitional period called perimenopause. It manifests itself by the gradual shift in hormones, wherein there is a massive drop in estrogen production from the ovaries. The sharp decline leads to unpleasant aftereffects like vaginal dryness, insomnia, headaches, night sweats, and hot flashes.

The Importance of Estrogen to Your Body

Beyond these symptoms, low levels of estrogen can significantly impact various aspects of your reproductive system since the specific hormone plays a pivotal role in its management. Meanwhile, estrogen is also crucial as it helps restore the skin from injury.

With that in mind, women experiencing estrogen deficiencies will likely be prescribed to undergo estrogen therapy, which should relieve the following conditions:

Benefit #1: Aids Menopause Symptoms

As mentioned above, the body experiences hormonal changes as time passes by. You may experience a spike in estrogen levels from your puberty to your golden, childbearing years, but it will significantly drop as the stages of menopause progress.

Estrogen therapy, which may be given either as a pill, patch, cream, gel, spray, or vaginal ring among others, aims to ease the uncomfortable symptoms like chills, insomnia, excessive sweating, vaginal dryness, and hot flashes.

Benefit #2: Boosts Vaginal Health

Estrogen plays a key role in maintaining the pH balance of your vagina, so its progressive decline can impact your vaginal health in more ways than one. Issues like vaginal dryness, soreness, urinary incontinence, or inflammation of vaginal tissues may occur during this period.

With that in mind, estrogen therapy may help relieve these issues.

Benefit #3: Improves Ovary Issues

Since the ovaries are the ones responsible for producing estrogen, it means that the decrease directly impacts your reproductive system too. This issue can lead to a decreased function of your ovaries and even its removal in the worst-case scenario.

Whether you remove your ovaries or not, estrogen or hormone therapy is recommended to relieve the destructive, tell-tale signs of premature menopause.

Benefit #4: Prevents Bone Loss

Estrogen plays a pivotal role in maintaining the bone health of women. This is because the hormone stimulates the activity of osteoblasts, which are responsible for producing and strengthening the bones.

Once the estrogen levels drop, it can result in bone loss or osteoporosis. Estrogen therapy, on the other hand, can mitigate the risks by increasing your bone production.

A Holistic Health Booster: How Estrogen Therapy Relieves Perimenopause and Menopause Symptoms to Improve the Quality of Life

Estrogen therapy is a holistic treatment that can ease various menopausal symptoms, but keep in mind that it’s the most effective and beneficial as a short-term treatment. Long-term use can promote its own risks and adverse side effects, which is why it’s best to speak with your doctor before moving forward.

If you’re looking for an effective way to boost up your estrogen production, Assure Wellness can help you. We are a patient-centered clinic that provides a range of wellness services like estrogen therapy in Northern Virginia. Get in touch with us to set up an appointment with us!

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