4 Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your CoolSculpting Results in Chesapeake, VA

4 Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your CoolSculpting Results in Chesapeake, VA

Read this blog below about maintaining your coolsculpting results. For more information, please feel free to call us or schedule an appointment online.

4 Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your CoolSculpting Results in Chesapeake, VA
4 Helpful Tips for Maintaining Your CoolSculpting Results in Chesapeake, VA

Dealing with fat that persists even with a healthy diet and regular exercise can be frustrating. Fortunately, you can target unwanted bulges and attain a more sculpted body by undergoing CoolSculpting—a non-invasive alternative to liposuction that is a virtually-painless treatment. It’s mainly done to work on the following problem areas: love handles, cellulite, double chin, and upper arm fat.

If you wonder what to expect after CoolSculpting, you can see visible results as fast as three weeks, even only after the initial treatment. It is unlike other treatments that show dramatic results after two months. Best of all, your body will continue to flush out fat cells for almost six months. To help you maintain your treatment’s excellent results, follow the tips below:

Work out consistently and improve your diet

CoolSculpting can help you attain the sculpted body you’ve always wanted by destroying your fat cells. It’s made possible through cryolipolysis—a process that exposes them to cold temperatures.

Although this procedure reduces your unwanted fat, keep in mind that it’s not a miracle solution for weight loss. It is meant to be a body-contouring procedure that targets fatty areas and not an alternative to maintaining a healthy lifestyle through weight loss.

The best way to see faster results and maintain them longer is to work out consistently and be more mindful of your food intake. You can also explore different physical activities and healthy meal options that you enjoy. That way, you can stay motivated to keep to your active lifestyle.

Additionally, you should also ditch bad habits, like binge eating and prolonged sedentary periods.

Get regular massages

Massaging the treatment area right after the procedure for at least five minutes improves fat reductions. It involves vigorous kneading and circular finger rubbing to eliminate fat cells. You can also undergo vibrational therapy to stimulate healthy blood circulation and promote natural lymphatic drainage through defecation. After every massage session, you will also feel more relaxed and ready to take on the busy days ahead!

Drink lots of water

Staying hydrated can maintain your CoolSculpting results as it energizes your muscles, aids caloric intake control, and flushes out waste and toxins. You can also use water to curb your temptation for highly-carbonated drinks and sugary beverages.

Drinking water can also help you avoid muscle fatigue, boost your performance at the gym, and replace fluids you lost by sweating during exercise. That way, you can stay hydrated and conquer more physical obstacles while keeping to your daily obligations!

Repeat the CoolSculpting treatment if needed

CoolSculpting offers lasting results, but it may gradually change over time. Booking follow-up appointments is advisable to maximize the results. It also lets you treat deeper layers of fat tissue to refine your body’s natural form. A good rule of thumb is to schedule a second session six weeks after your initial treatment.


Getting your dream body is now easier through CoolSculpting as it targets problem areas and enhances natural-looking fat reduction. Its results can be challenging to maintain, but you can have an easier time maintaining your toned body and keeping your confidence by following the helpful tips listed in this guide.

If you’re looking for CoolSculpting in Virginia Beach, schedule a consultation today at Assure Wellness! We are also medical weight loss solutions to help you meet your health goals! Seek out our range of wellness and medical services today!

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