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Get the Waist You Want: The Top Benefits of Coolsculpting

Get the Waist You Want: The Top Benefits of CoolSculpting

Targeted fat removal is possible with CoolSculpting, improving body shapes without surgery and with little recovery time. It’s a good option for areas like the flanks and belly, giving results that are progressive and natural-looking. Read about the benefits of coolsculpting. For more information, please feel free to contact us or request an appointment online. We have convenient locations to serve you in Chesapeake VA and Alexandria VA.

Get the Waist You Want: The Top Benefits of CoolSculpting in Chesapeake VA and Alexandria VA
Get the Waist You Want: The Top Benefits of CoolSculpting in Chesapeake VA and Alexandria VA

Table of Contents:

What Is CoolSculpting?
Why Pursue Fat Freezing Technology?
Fast Process
Natural Results
A Direct Approach
Long-Term Benefits
Safe and Effective
A Confidence Boost
More Cost-Effective
Easier to Schedule
Qualified and Experienced Staff
Experience the Benefits of CoolSculpting for Yourself
Ready to learn more? We’d love to help.

In our quest to get a tighter waistline, we’ve tried everything under the sun. From pills and potions to diets and shakes, it seems there is an infinite number of ways to get rid of excess fat.

Instead of burning it, what about freezing it off?

Though the idea may sound strange, it’s a real medical treatment known as CoolSculpting, and it’s shaking up the industry in the best way.

If you’re new to this approach, you’ve come to the right place. Today, we’re sharing the benefits of CoolSculpting, along with a deeper look at what takes place during the procedure.

Ready to learn more? Let’s take a look.

What Is CoolSculpting?

Before we delve too much into why this is a viable treatment option, let’s explore what CoolSculpting entails.

The technical name for the procedure is cryolipolysis. This is a fancy way to describe fat freezing technology. Fat cells don’t tolerate the cold, and at a certain temperature, they will freeze and die.

When that occurs, your body’s natural process eliminates those dead cells over the course of a few months. In most cases, you can expect to see results in as early as two months and as late as six months or more.

From your love handles to your underarms, you can treat many areas of your body with CoolSculpting technology. The FDA approves the treatment for use in the following nine regions:

– Under your chin (submental)
– Under your jawline (submandibular)
– Thighs
– Abdomen
– Flank
– Back Fat
– Bra Fat
– The area underneath your buttocks
– Upper arms

Wherever you decide to tackle, you can expect to see a 20% to 25% reduction in the fat cells present there! This list is growing and scientists plan to add more areas in the near future as they seek FDA approval on them.

Keep in mind that while it can improve the appearance of your trouble spots, this isn’t a weight-loss tool. Rather, it’s designed to help patients who are at or near their ideal body weight achieve a tighter, more toned appearance. Plus, it’s ideal for both men and women!

Why Pursue Fat Freezing Technology?

So, why should you use CoolSculpting over more traditional body sculpting methods such as liposuction? Let’s review a few of the unique benefits that this approach can offer.


Not a fan of long needles, incisions, or surgical equipment? You don’t have to worry about any of those with CoolSculpting.

Rather, the procedure is 100% non-invasive, unlike liposuction or gastric bypass surgery. This means you don’t have to be afraid of any negative or painful aftermath, such as scarring, infection or nerve damage. In fact, you can undergo the entire process without anesthesia!

That last part is important, as there are inherent risks any time you receive anesthesia. From cognitive dysfunction to respiratory malfunctions and malignant hyperthermia, myriad serious and life-threatening medical issues could occur.

Thanks to innovative technology, surgery is far from your only option when you want to target your unwanted fat. It’s worth doing your research, reading online CoolSculpting reviews, and speaking to a healthcare professional to see if this could be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Fast Process

Don’t love the idea of sitting in the doctor’s chair for hours on end? Dreading the hospital time (and costs) that lengthier and more involved fat-burning treatment options require?

CoolSculpting only takes about one hour per application, with some smaller areas only taking about 35 minutes. Then, since it’s non-invasive, there is no elaborate healing process or downtime. Though effective, the cooling treatment isn’t cold enough to cause skin or tissue damage.

When you can complete treatment during your lunch break, that’s unparalleled convenience!

Natural Results

Though liposuction can be advantageous in its own right, it isn’t without its after-effects.

In many cases, patients will experience physical side effects from the procedure, including:

– Scarring
– Bruising
– Dimpling
– Sagging
– Misshapen fat bulges

In addition, due to its invasive nature, liposuction can also cause physical issues that only the patient notices. For instance, you could lose sensation at the operation site, accumulate excess fluid or experience pulmonary complications.

You may also raise more than a few eyebrows from your unassuming friends and family members if you show up to work or the backyard cookout with a physique that’s drastically slimmer than the time before. While some may not mind the attention, it can be an uncomfortable point of conversation for many.

With CoolSculpting, it looks like you’re spending a good amount of time at the gym, but that’s it. There isn’t a dramatic physical alteration that tips off your loved ones. As the fat cells freeze and die out over time, it presents a gradual change in appearance that looks natural.

Especially if you’re looking to keep your transformation a personal and private matter, this is a great way to do so!

A Direct Approach

Sometimes, you can diet and exercise to the extreme, trying with all your might to zap those stubborn pockets of fat under your upper arms, above your knees or along your waist.

Still, they remain as bulky as before, despite your best efforts to work out and eat well.

The reality is that everyone’s body stores fat in different places. When your only goal is to burn as much as possible, you can’t specify which specific fat cells you mean.

Do you ever wish you could fine-tune your efforts to focus on those pain points in particular? With CoolSculpting, you can.

You’ll let your provider know exactly where to target the efforts and she’ll place the applicator right on the spot, choosing the right one to use depending on your need.

Then, you’ll monitor those areas for improvement over the next few months. Forget doing hundreds of crunches a night to get rid of that lower stomach bulge you can’t shake!

An added benefit of the physical transformation you’ll see? It’s likely that you’ll also be more motivated to adopt a healthy lifestyle to keep pace with the improvements you’re noticing in the mirror!

Long-Term Benefits

While the CoolSculpting cost may set you back at first, consider the return on your one-time investment. With other fat-burning measures, you’re used to putting in time, money and energy on a fruitless hope that this time might be different.

You listen to the infomercials, read reviews, and test new products, all while wondering how long the effects (if there are any) will last.

When you try CoolSculpting, you can stop spinning your wheels. The results aren’t fleeting and you won’t be back at the same place you started six weeks later.

When your fat cells freeze and die, they do so for good. On the other hand, when you diet, you only shrink the size of those cells for a while. They’re still there, but they’re smaller and the second you slip up, they’re back to full-size again.

While you may gain weight again even after you undergo CoolSculpting, it’s more likely to be evenly distributed over your body.

Safe and Effective

Though it sounds like something out of the Jetsons, this isn’t a New Age fad with a questionable foundation and zero medical credibility.

Rather, CoolSculpting is the only FDA-cleared fat freezing technology of its kind, receiving the clearance in 2010. Scientists at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School first dreamed it up, with the first prototype tested in 2008.

Only trained and certified medical professionals can perform CoolSculpting procedures. It’s important to vet the experience of your spa staff before agreeing to begin this treatment plan.

Though you may experience a little redness, temporary numbness or slight pain in the areas you target, these symptoms are minor and dissipate almost as soon as they occur. Most patients report that they feel a strong blast of cool area, followed by dull pressure.

A Confidence Boost

When you tone your problem areas, their appearance improves. From there, a domino effect happens! Your clothes fit better, you feel better in your own skin and you project the kind of confidence you once dreamed of having.

One of the best parts about CoolSculpting is that it can help you achieve those curves and contours you’ve always dreamed of having. When you tighten up your troublesome spots, you give them shape and dimension.

From work to the bedroom, there are many areas in which self-confidence links to performance. When you finish your CoolSculpting treatment, you’ll feel as great as you look.

More Cost-Effective

Another reason to give this method a second look? It’s far more affordable than surgery.

While liposuction boasts the same targeted fat reduction, the surgeon’s fees charged for that procedure often exceed your entire CoolSculpting treatment plan. This is because you aren’t only paying for the surgery itself. You also have to cover anesthesia costs, along with operating room charges, special medications and more.

Another hidden cost of surgery? You’ll have to take time off from work. This can result in lost wages, which can have a direct result on your bottom line.

When you want the results but without the financial headache, CoolSculpting is the way to go. You won’t miss a beat at work, but everyone in the office will wonder how you achieved your new look!

Easier to Schedule

Sure, we’d all love hours to ourselves every day. Yet, we always seem to rush from one place to the next. We leave before the sun, work a full day, get home for dinner and crash in time to do it all over again.

That’s why we need fat-zapping treatments that we can pursue in our own time. Forget marking weeks off of your calendar for a surgical procedure that requires a long preparation, healing and recovery period.

You’ve got places to go, people to see and heavy objects to lift. CoolSculpting caters to the fast-paced modern lifestyle. You don’t even have to lie still on a bed while it’s at work!

Respond to emails, listen to your playlist, read a book or take a nap while your fat cells freeze. This treatment works around your life, not the other way around.

Qualified and Experienced Staff

When you go in for an official CoolSculpting procedure, you can rest assured that you’re in great hands.

Wellness spas that offer this treatment require that their healthcare professionalsundergo hours of training to understand the application. They’ll hold all required licenses, certifications, and credentials to make sure your experience is a safe one.

All treatment providers must undergo a rigorous training process that covers the following areas, including others:

– CoolSculpting procedure
– Patient messaging
– Patient consultations
– Fee quoting

Before you attend the actual treatment, you’ll visit your provider for a comprehensive consultation. Here, you’ll undergo a whole-body assessment, wherein your provider will address all potential treatment areas. Then, you’ll receive a custom treatment plan that details your treatable areas and the ways to move forward.

Experience the Benefits of CoolSculpting for Yourself

Tired of driving yourself crazy, looking in the mirror at your bulging bra fat or jiggly thighs? We’ll be the first to point out that these features make you unique and beautiful.

However, if you’re ready to reclaim your confidence, reap the benefits of CoolSculpting for yourself. This high-tech treatment plan is the first of its class to offer everything you love about surgical fat removal without any of the physical, emotional or financial pushback of those invasive procedures. It’s safe, it works, and it’s more accessible than you might think.

Ready to learn more? We’d love to help.

We’re a team of physicians specializing in all-over wellness. From CoolSculpting and hormone replacement therapy to sexual health and medical weight loss, we do it all.

Visit our page to learn about the many services we provide. Let’s take this important next step in your health journey together. For more information, please contact us or request an appointment online. We serve patients from Chesapeake VA, Norfolk VA, Portsmouth VA, Alexandria VA, Hybla Valley, Springfield, Half Moon, Piney Gree, Sloop Point, Holly Ridge, and surrounding areas.

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