Wave PRP Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Questions and Answers

Wave PRP Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Questions and Answers

If you are dealing with symptoms of erectile dysfunction, wave PRP therapy at Assure Wellness can be a solution for you. Call us to learn more about this revolutionary procedure or book an online appointment. We have convenient locations to serve you in Chesapeake VA, Glen Allen VA, Alexandria VA, Jacksonville NC

Wave PRP Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Near Me in Chesapeake VA, Glen Allen VA, Alexandria VA, Jacksonville NC
Wave PRP Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction Near Me in Chesapeake VA, Glen Allen VA, Alexandria VA, Jacksonville NC

What is wave PRP therapy?

Erectile dysfunction, known in short as ED, is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection to be used for sexual intercourse. Many available treatments have only been able to provide symptomatic relief from erectile dysfunction, which in part is only temporary.

Regenerative therapies like Wave PRP Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction have the potential to cure erectile dysfunction found in men by reversing the underlying pathology of erectile dysfunction rather than just treat the symptoms.

Wave PRP Therapy improves the penile blood flow and repairs previous nerve damage and helps to activate stem cells. As well as using concentrated growth factors that the body is already producing within the bloodstream. Using Wave PRP Therapy offers a higher rate of success than just doing one regenerative therapy alone.

How does wave PRP therapy help erectile dysfunction?

As men age, the blood vessels inside their penis begin to break down, which can result in the inability to maintain an erection firm enough for any form of sexual activity. Previously, men had little to no options if they suffered from erectile dysfunction. While many turned to the pill or awkward devices to help, it offered limited success in some and no success in others.

Some of the contributing factors of erectile dysfunction include:

⦁ Age
⦁ Pre-existing health conditions
⦁ Obesity
⦁ Psychological issues
⦁ Certain medications

Erectile dysfunction can decrease a male’s quality of life, and confidence. Erectile dysfunction can hurt trying to start a family or limiting your romantic relationships with your significant other(s) which can then cause undue psychological distress.

The Wave PRP Therapy is a revolutionary treatment that restores the male’s sexual function from previous erectile dysfunction. The therapy uses sound waves and platelet-rich plasma injections to stimulate the growth factors in the male’s penis and promotes increased blood flow throughout the organ.

While other regenerative therapies have only shown success in helping with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, wave PRP therapy has shown immense success in curing many patients’ erectile dysfunction.

What are the benefits of wave PRP therapy for ED?

The Wave PRP Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction offers many benefits. The top main benefits the Wave PRP Therapy offers to our patients include:

⦁ Safe and Effective treatment options
This safe and effective non-surgical treatment offers erectile dysfunction patients treatment without carrying any risks. There is no worry of rejection, allergic reaction, or contamination due to using shockwave therapy and platelet-rich plasma injections together since the plasma that is being injected came from your own naturally produced formula.

⦁ Helps erections to last longer
Your penis has cells that act as a valve to keep the blood inside. This treatment, it helps to restore the function of these cells, offering you longer-lasting erections and stamina.

⦁ Stronger, harder erections than previously
Many of our patients notice their erections have become harder and stronger than even before they were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction. It’s visible as the cells are now absorbing more blood, which will, in turn, produce a much stronger erection.

⦁ Some may notice a size increase in their penis
This treatment can push the performance of your cell past their natural standard, which then offers your cells to absorb more blood than previously.

⦁ Comfortable treatment option
We take pride that our Wave PRP Therapy is provided with no discomfort or pain. Talk to us today about how we can make this treatment comfortable for you.

⦁ No side effects
Most erectile dysfunction treatments have a side effect that is attached to them. With the Wave PRP Therapy, there are no scars, no lasting tissue damage, no incisions or implants applied, which offers your body the ability to recover faster from this treatment and restore the cells back to their former glory.

For more information, call us and talk to our service providers. We serve patients from Chesapeake VA, Glen Allen VA, Alexandria VA, Portsmouth VA, Norfolk VA, Virginia Beach VA, Suffolk VA, Laurel VA, Atlee Ridge VA, Henrico VA, Poindexters VA, Elmont VA, Kingstowne VA, Groveton VA, Annandale VA, Springfield VA, Hybla Valley VA, Jacksonville NC, Half Moon NC, Piney Green NC, Pumpkin Center NC, and Surrounding Areas.

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